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Judaism and Health Jewish Institute of Religion

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the health status of Jews, much less about the Jewish religion’s influence on this status, have mostly gone unaddressed” (16). In February 2011, the Kalsman Center on Judaism and Health, with funding from the John Templeton Foundation, convened a roundtable of 30 Jewish

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Jewish Views on Health Care Reform Judaism

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For this reason, the revered Jewish scholar Maimonides listed health care first on his list of the 10 most important communal services that a city must offer its residents (Mishneh Torah, Hilchot De'ot IV: 23). Almost all self-governing Jewish communities throughout history set up systems to ensure that all their citizens had access to health care.

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Judaism and Health: Reflections on an Emerging

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Judaism, health, and healing have begun to coalesce. As efforts progress, the first sys-tematic steps have been taken to set an agenda for a new scholarly field. This paper describes these efforts, outlining the history and scope of Judaism and health discussions,

1. 9
Publish Year: 2011
Author: Jeff Levin, Michele F. Prince

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The Jewish Way of Healing In times of illness, Judaism

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seminar about Jewish views of health and illness, took part in a study group exploring Judaism and feminism, and began attending regular "Services of Healing," where Jews dealing with illness and grief pray together for strength and comfort. At 50 years of age, she began her own journey of Jewish learning and spiritual development. Night Prayer

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Jewish Perspectives on Health & Wellness Reform Judaism

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The laws of kashrut offer a Jewish spiritual discipline that is rooted in the concrete choices and details of daily life--to be practiced in an area that seems most "mundane." In fact, part of the beauty of kashrut is that regardless of our age, personal interests, or geographic location, we all eat, and most of us do so several times a day.

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What Jewish Tradition Says About Health and Wellness

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Moses Maimonides, a towering Jewish thinker and physician to Egyptian royalty, knew the importance of physical health and wellness – and its relationship to spirituality – better than most. He devoted an entire chapter to bodily health and well-being in his comprehensive compendium of Jewish law, his magnum opus, Mishneh Torah .

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Judaism, Health, and Healing: How a New Jewish Communal

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280 Journal of Jewish Communal Service, Volume 84, No. 3/4, Summer/Fall 2009 Judaism, Health, and Healing: How a New Jewish Communal Field Took Root and Where it Might Grow Michele F. Prince, LCSW MAJCS ‘02 Implicit within Judaism is a vision of human well-being that is grounded in “a

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Jewish Health & Healing Practices My Jewish Learning

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The prominence of Jews as medical practitioners, researchers and teachers has continued into our time. 28% of the Nobel Prize winners for medicine have been Jewish (and 40% of the American winners). The physician’s duty to heal is paralleled by the general duty to tend to one’s own health.

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Healing and Medicine: Healing and Medicine in Judaism

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Healing, HEALING ••• Health and Wholeness Healing is an action whose goal is the restoration of health. The English word health literally means wholeness and… Maimonides, MAIMONIDES, MOSES MAIMONIDES, MOSES (Moses ben Maimon ; known in rabbinical literature as "Rambam "; from the acronym R abbi M oses B en M aimon; 113… Judaism, The term Judaism is used to refer both to a …

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Health care behaviours and beliefs in Hasidic Jewish

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Cultural issues impact on health care, including individuals' health care behaviours and beliefs. Hasidic Jews, with their strict religious observance, emphasis on kabbalah, cultural insularity and spiritual leader, their Rebbe, comprise a distinct cultural group. The reviewed studies reveal that Ha …

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• Integrates cultural beliefs into health care practices – Hot and Cold theory in Hispanic and Asians – Ancestor Worship in Asians – Jehovah’s Witness and blood products – Bereavement and pregnancy loss in all cultures – Vaginal bleeding in Jewish culture

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Prevention: Torah Perspectives on Preserving Health

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Prevention: Torah Perspectives on Preserving Health by Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen and Richard H. Schwartz, Ph. D. Since maintaining a healthy and sound body is among the ways of G-d -- for one cannot understand or have any knowledge of the Creator if he is ill -- therefore he must avoid that which harms the body and accustom himself to that which is helpful and helps the body become stronger.

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5 Surprising Facts about Judaism, Health and Fitness

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1. You Are Your Body’s Keeper: Physical Fitness is Mandatory in Judaism. The Torah directives “And you shall take very good care of your bodies”1 and “You shall walk in His ways”2 are understood by many of the sages as charges to stay healthy and be physically fit.
2. “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness” is a Jewish Principle. Attributed to John Wesley, the 18 century British theologian,5 the quotation accurately expresses the Jewish approach to cleanliness as taught some 1700 years ago in the Talmud6 in an array of directives regarding personal hygiene and public sanitation.
3. Exercise is the Best Preventive Medicine. Maimonides taught that exercise is the supreme preventive medicine, but that “inactivity is as great a detriment to health as activity is a benefit.”
4. Movement During Jewish Prayer Was Designed to Exercise the Body. “Shuckle,” Yiddish for shake, refers to the back-and-forth and side-to-side rocking motion traditional among Jews praying and studying Torah in order to increase concentration.
5. You Can Extend Your Life – Actually Live Years Longer – by Eating Healthily and Being Physically Active. In Maimonides’ words, “The postponement of old age is indeed possible.”

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Jewish Medical Directives for Health Care The Committee on

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Jewish Teachings about Health Care Jewish tradition as understood by Conservative Judaism teaches that life is a blessing and a gift from God. Each human being is valued as created b'tselem elohim, in God's image. Whatever the level of our physical and mental abilities, whatever the extent of our dependence on others, each

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Religious Diversity: Practical Points for Health Care

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Jewish Patients and Health Care: Eleven Practical Points for non-Jewish Providers. Some Jewish patients may strictly observe a rule not to "work" on the Sabbath (from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday) or on religious holidays. If so, this religious injunction against "work" -- which includes prohibitions against using certain tools

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Free Online Course Jewish Veg

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Free Online Course. Welcome to our course on "Judaism and Vegetarianism" Dr. Richard Schwartz, author of Judaism and Vegetarianism and Judaism and Global Survival, runs a self-paced online course that is free to all who wish to learn about vegetarianism from a Jewish perspective.. All the reading material for the course, and many other articles by Dr. Schwartz on vegetarianism, are also

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An overview of Jewish beliefs and traditions for counselors

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Judaism is a culture and a community; in fact, if a person does not believe in the spiritual or faith components of Judaism they may be still considered a Jew. It is estimated that 75% of the Jews living in Israel and 30% of the Jews in the United States identify as secular or nonreligious (Young, 2009). This means that they may not believe in God,

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Free Will In Judaism How much choice do we really have

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1. The Hebrew Bible is a story of G‑d’s interaction with man. G‑d rewards those who listen to His will and help perfect His world; He chastises those who disobey and destroy it. The choice to do one or the other is clearly in our hands. “Behold,” G‑d says, “I have placed before you good and evil, life and death. Choose life!”1 Without a belief in free will, none of this would make sense. There could be no instructions, no reward, and no chastisement. Judaism is replete Judaism is replete with the belief that there is no room for despair. But change is not possible unless we have the autonomy of free will.with the belief that there is no such thing as failure, no room for despair. As low as a person has fallen, as fiercely as his appetite and addictions have taken control of him, he can always turn around and clean up his mess. G‑d shows patience to those who sin, because He believes in the human being and in his capacity to change. He is “a G‑d compassionate and gracious, slow to anger...

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The JewishTradition Advocate Health Care

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Judaism’s positions on issues in health care stem from three of its underlying principles:4 that the body belongs to God; that the body is integrated into the entire human person and, as such, is morally neutral, its moral valence being deter-mined by how we use our physical abilities; and

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The Free Will Problem in Judaism The Paradox of Choice

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Free will in Judaism is the capacity to choose between different courses of actions, words or thoughts—not due to outside influence, internal nature or any sort of personal preference. Just a balanced choice between right and wrong. This notion that human beings can exercise their own free will when making moral decisions is axiomatic to Judaism. And the conflict between human free will and

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Free Will in Judaism 101 My Jewish Learning

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For Judaism to make sense, then, humans must have free will. The Free Will Problem. There are theological problems with the idea of human free will. Jewish tradition depicts God as intricately involved in the unfolding of history. The Bible has examples of God announcing predetermined events and interfering with individual choices.

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Judaism 101: A Brief Introduction to Judaism

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Judaism is not a homogenous religion, and embraces a number of streams and views. Today, Rabbinic Judaism is the most numerous stream, and holds that God revealed his laws and commandments to Moses. Today, the largest Jewish religious movements are Orthodox Judaism, Conservative/Masorti Judaism and Reform/Progressive Judaism.

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The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Medical Ethics

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Recent studies have confirmed the beneficial effects on health and longevity accruing from either a religious lifestyle or from regular attendance at religious services. 5. The physician's office environment should promote good health. All office personnel should be non-smokers and waiting room magazines should be free of cigarette advertisements.

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Ethical Challenges When Caring for Orthodox Jewish

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cluding matters of health care, to ensure adherence to Jewish law.2 The experiences of Orthodox Jews as members of a cultural and ethnic group also influence their views, values, and perspectives related to end-of-life care. The history of Jewish persecution may make it difficult for them to take their safety for granted.4 The recent experi-

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Jewish Community Free Clinic Santa Rosa CA,

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707-585-7780Jewish Community Free Clinic. Click to call our office. free health care for those in need. Public Transportation. 50 Montgomery Drive. Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 707-585-7780. Learn more about Please Donate Today. free health care for those in need.

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What Is Judaism?

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Judaism is one of the world’s oldest religions still practiced. It originated in the beliefs, practices, and experiences of the ancient Israelites. Today, Judaism is practiced by millions of Jews living in every inhabited continent. Jewish observance is expressed through the fulfillment of the commandments of Jewish

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Jewish Community Free Clinic Health LifeHealthy.Net

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(707) 585-7780Petaluma Health Center Free Clinics and Community Health (707) 585-7780. 9 hours ago Petaluma Health Center is a Community Health Center in Petaluma CA. Location: Santa Rosa, CA - 95404 6.1 miles away Contact Phone: (707) 585-7780 Details: Since 2001, the Jewish Community Free Clinic (JCFC) has been providing completely free medical care to anyone in need, regardless of any …

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Overview of Jewish Dietary Laws & Regulations

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1. Many modern Jews think that the laws of kashrutare simply primitive health regulations that have become obsolete with modern methods of food preparation. There is no question that some of the dietary laws have beneficial health effects. For example, the laws regarding kosher slaughter are so sanitary that kosher butchers and slaughterhouses are often exempted from USDA regulations. However, health is not the main reason for Jewish dietary laws and in fact many of the laws of kashrut have no known connection with health. To the best of our modern scientific knowledge, there is no reason why camel or rabbit meat (both treif) is any less healthy than cow or goat meat. In addition, some of the health benefits derived from kashrutwere not made obsolete by the refrigerator. For example, there is some evidence that eating meat and dairy together interferes with digestion, and no modern food preparation technique reproduces the health benefit of the kosher law of eating them separately. The...

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religion, the observance of Jewish dietary laws is every bit as important and compelling as is the observance of secular law. Despite the important role Jewish dietary laws play in the lives of many, few give much thought to the foundations of and rationales for kashruz. After describing the Jewish dietary laws and their origin, this paper will

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Caring For A Jewish Patient A Guide For Medical

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Caring For A Jewish Patient - A Guide For Medical Professionals. Judaism is one of the main religions of the world, based on the Torah, which Jews believe was given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. The Torah (The Five Books of Moses – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) contains 613 commandments. Through the ages these

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When Vaccinations And Faith Collide Jewish Week

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Get The Jewish Week in your inbox. FREE SIGN UP Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 96 percent of students at yeshivas in Brooklyn are still vaccinated, the Forward reported, and

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Jewish Lights: Judaism and Health

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The first state-of-the-art, comprehensive resource to encompass the wide breadth of the rapidly growing field of Judaism and health. “For Jews, religion and medicine (and science) are not inherently in conflict, even within the Torah-observant community, but rather can be friendly partners in the pursuit of wholesome ends, such as truth, healing and the advancement of humankind.”

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Is Education In Israel Really Free? Jewish Week

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With American Jewish families increasingly feeling the strain of what has come to be known as the Jewish day school “tuition crisis,” the allure of free, Jewish, public education in Israel is

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Jewish Beliefs and Practices « Jewish Prisoner Services

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Jewish Dietary Restrictions Jewish dietary law [Kashruth] is an important aspect of religious observance for all Orthodox, many Conservative, and some Reform and Reconstructionist Jews. Foods that are fit [kosher] for consumption by Jews and the manners in which they are handled are specified in the Torah and further defined through rabbinic law.

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Reproductive Health & Rights Women of Reform Judaism

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Jewish Values. Reproductive Health and Rights through Jewish Text - Jewish text and tradition have much to offer the reproductive justice conversation. Download and discuss this document with your Reform Jewish congregation or community. Action Opportunities. The actions below serve as a …

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Responding to the Free Will Problem in Judaism My Jewish

8 hours ago Myjewishlearning.com Show details

Responding to the Free Will Problem in Judaism. If humans are to be held responsible for their actions, they must have free will, the ability to choose right from wrong. However, ideas about God’s providence and foreknowledge and scientific notions of biological and psychological determinism create problems for the presumption of human free will.

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Judaism and Mental Illness – Coffee Shop Rabbi

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Judaism and Mental Illness. Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav said, “All the world is a very narrow bridge. The important thing is not to panic.”. One in four adults in the US experience a diagnosable mental illness. One in four families in the US has at least one member with mental illness. For these and more facts about the prevalence of mental

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Judaism Wikipedia

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Judaism (Hebrew: יַהֲדוּת ‎, Yahadut; originally from Hebrew יְהוּדָה, Yehudah, "Judah", via Greek Ἰουδαϊσμός Ioudaismos; the term itself is of Anglo-Latin origin c. 1400) is an Abrahamic, monotheistic, and ethnic religion comprising the collective religious, cultural, and legal tradition and civilization of the Jewish people, also sometimes called Israelites.

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Care of the Orthodox Jewish Patient Elite Learning

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Offer to assist them with adhering to Sabbath laws. Effective communication, understanding and tolerance are key to ensuring that the Jewish Orthodox patient’s healthcare and spiritual needs are met. Laura Gebers is the patient care services prorams and health education coordinator for Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Browns Mills, NJ.

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Judaism and Christianity Northampton

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Judaism's Bible or Tanakh is made up of the Law (Torah), the Prophets (Nebi'im), and the Writings (Ketuvim); its books were written over a period of more than thirteen hundred years of Jewish history, from the time of Moses until several centuries before the common era. The center of this scripture is the Torah, the Five Books of Moses.

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General Overview of Health & Medicine in Israel

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1. In the 19th century, diseases such as dysentery, malaria, typhus and trachoma were rampant in the Land of Israel, then a backward and neglected part of the Ottoman Empire. To provide health services for the Jewish population of the Old City of Jerusalem, a number of clinics, set up by European Jewish communities, extended free medical services for those unable to pay and were famous for their dedicated care under difficult circumstances. These clinics expanded to become hospitals: Bikur Holim (est. 1843), Misgav Ladach (est. 1888) and Shaare Zedek (est. 1902), which still function today, offering up-to-date services with modern medical technology. The Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, with schools of medicine, nursing and pharmacology and two modern hospitals, traces its beginning to two nurses who were sent to Jerusalem in 1913 by the Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America.

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Jewish Mental Health Digital Communities, Facilities and

Just Now Thebluedovefoundation.org Show details

Jewish Family Services of Greater Charleston – Services include mental health counseling, a Kosher food pantry, case management, senior outreach, Jewish Education Loan Fund (JELF), Jewish Free Loans of Charleston (JFLC), emergency financial assistance, and Shalom Baby.

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Services Santa Rosa CA, Jewish Community Free Clinic

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Drawing on Jewish traditions of Tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (repairing the world) we offer free health care services to anyone in need, without regard to religion. We offer an atmosphere of respect, empowerment and partnership with our patients, and strive to assist them in attaining full health

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Los Angeles Jewish Community Resource Guide The Jewish

9 hours ago Jewishla.org Show details

Based on Jewish values, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles convenes and leads the community and leverages its resources to assure the continuity of the Jewish people, support a secure State of Israel, care for Jews in need here and abroad, and mobilize on issues of concern to the local community — all with our local, national, and international partners.

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Judaism: Basic Beliefs URI

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Reform Jews also allow everyone to sit together, men and women, and both Hebrew and the local language are spoken in services. What are the sacred texts of the Jewish people? The Tenakh is the ancient collection of writings that are sacred to the Jews. They were written over almost a thousand years from 1000 to 100 BCE.

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Hispanic, AsianPacific, Jewish Populations' Health Free

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1. The Hispanic population is a patriarchal, collectivist social group that emphasizes religion, family, and tradition. Combining traditional practices with modernized medicine is common. However, language barriers and lack of access to insurance or primary care providers lead to deferment of seeking professional help. Religion and tradition play a huge role in the cultural perspective on illnesses. Traditions indicate that sickness is caused by supernatural influences or humoral imbalance. To restore well-being, folk medicine such as consumption of herbs, rituals, and massages may be used. Many people revere Christian influence on everyday life and turn to prayer and faith communities for healing. Many disorders, especially regarding mental and emotional health, are thought to be shameful. There is an evident lack of belief in preventive care in Hispanic communities. The concept of personal pride causes people to delay treatment until conditions worsen and stop as soon as immediate sy...

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Judaism Bible.org

3 hours ago Bible.org Show details

Judaism Today Throughout the last several decades, the eyes of the world have frequently focused on the tiny nation of Israel. What is the significance of this nation and her religion? The focus of this article is the religion of the Jews. When studying Judaism, however, we must understand that there is a distinction between the Jewish people and the religion of Judaism.

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Judaism Facts, Worksheets, History, Symbols & Torah For Kids

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Judaism is around 3,800 years old and is one of the oldest monotheistic religions, which means that they only believe in one God. The religion was founded by Abraham and he is believed to be the father of Judaism. In ancient times, Jews were called Hebrews or Israelites. It has only 12 million followers in the whole world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Jewish religion say about health?

Jewish religious texts explicitly promote mental and physical health. They take their cue from the Book of Proverbs, which itself follows the more ancient tradition of "wisdom literature," a stream of aphorisms, poems, and fables that give pragmatic guidance on how to live long and successfully.

Can a Jewish doctor care for a Jewish patient?

It is neither breach nor violation of Hebrew law for a Jewish layperson or healthcare provider to care for a patient in need. Any life-threatening situation overrides Sabbath restrictions.

What do you need to know about Jewish dietary laws?

Jewish Dietary Laws (Kashrut): Overview of Laws & Regulations. Kashrut is the body of Jewish law dealing with what foods can and cannot be eaten and how those foods must be prepared. The word "Kashrut" comes from the Hebrew meaning fit, proper or correct.

Is there any healing in the Jewish religion?

After the Temple was destroyed in 70 ce, the Talmud declared that there is no healing in shrines, perhaps referring to pagan or Christian sites but also precluding Jewish sacerdotal healing ( Abodah Zarah 55a). Jewish religious texts explicitly promote mental and physical health.

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