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Logic Model Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Components of a Logic Model . As with many aspects of evaluation, people use a variety of terms to describe logic models and their components. A logic model can also be visually represented in a variety of ways, including as a flow chart, a map, or a table. The only “rule” for a logic model is that it be presented on one page.

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Logic Models Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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This Library Guide includes a selection of open-access materials on logic models from a variety of public health activities, domestic and international. A logic model is a graphic representation of a program that shows the relationship …

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Logic Models Program Evaluation CDC

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Logic Models. Provides an example of the National PRC logic model in detail. Describes how to develop a logic model and provides several worksheets and examples to help you develop your own. Offers a general overview of the development and use of logic models as planning and evaluation tools.

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Logic Models in Developing Public Health Programs Free

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Logic Models in Developing Public Health Programs. Logic models can be used in different spheres or fields, and they can contribute to social services in many ways. As it is usually stated by managers, program designers, and educators, logic models are often used to improve a structure of programs to achieve the set goals ( Developing a basic

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Logic Model Minnesota Dept. of Health

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Logic Model. Variation: Line of Sight Model. How to Create a Logic Model Examples of Logic Models More Information. A logic model is a map or simple illustration of what you and your organization do, why you do it, what you hope to achieve, and how you will measure achievement.

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The Logic Model Home PCMH Resource Center

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logic models can convey, Figure 1 provides an example of a basic and overarching logic model for a PCMH intervention. 1 As shown in the figure, a PCMH intervention depends on a variety of inputs including available funding, staff capacity, time, health

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STEP LOGIC MODELS B Centers for Disease Control and

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Logic Model Examples Oral Health Infrastructure Global Model 32 Oral Health State Plan Development 33 Tobacco Control Models 34 Active Play Model 36 Logic Model Bibliography 37 Our thanks to The Office on Smoking and Health and The Increased public behavior towards the prevention of oral cancer . 2. Describe the Program 5

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What, How and Why? Using Logic Models for Public Health

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A Logic Model for Public Health Law Research Public Health Law Sustained Population Health Improved Population Health Change in Behavior Change in Environment Inputs Mediators Outputs Outcomes Legal Practices Friday, March 19, 2010. How to Create a Logic Model 1. Collect the relevant information

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Identifying the Components of a Logic Model

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Logic models are a good tool to help focus an evaluation to determine what to measure and what areas of your program might be most in need of evaluation. You can develop a logic model which depicts how an entire program operates (i.e. global) or focuses more closely on a component or specific activity (i.e. nested). Example of Logic Model

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Healthy Living Logic Models – Improved Nutritional Well

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4-H Healthy Living Logic Model Evaluating the public health impact of health promotion interventions: the RE-AIM framework. American Journal of Public Health vol. 89(9), p. 1322-1327. Ogden, Cl, Carrol, MD, Flegal, KM (2008) High Body Mass Index for …

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The Use of Logic Models in Health Promotion Practice

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Introduction to the use of logic models in health promotion Michael Goodstadt Ph.D.: February, 2005 Page 6 7. Examples of the use of logic models in health promotion practice Figure 5 provides an example of the use of a logic model in planning a broad strategy related to the prevention of eating disorders. This model includes

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Using the Logic Model provided, fill in the components for

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Using the Logic Model provided, fill in the components for a public health program on one of the following health issues: nutrition, Diabetes, Opioid Abuse, Cigarette Smoking Cessation or reproductive health. Inputs are what will be necessary to run the program; staff, evidence, venue, material, budget.

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Immunization Program Logic Model April 2015

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Immunization Program Logic Model April . Situation: The Communicable Disease team works in partnership with others to promote immunization, optimize immunization coverage rates and provide leadership on immunization issues. Inputs • promote imm. equity. Director PPH. eee • • Communicable Disease Team . MOHs . Public Health Nurses. Team

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Constructing a Logic Model for a Healthy Public Policy

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public health actors can use to analyze public policies. The process of constructing a logic model is useful in many respects for professionals who are called upon to advise policy makers or to implement and evaluate public policies, in the interest of promoting informed decision making. Logic models can be developed for public policies

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Chapter 2. Other Models for Promoting Community Health and

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1. A logic model presents a picture of how your effort or initiative is supposed to work. It explains why your strategy is a good solution to the problem at hand. Effective logic models make an explicit, often visual, statement of the activities that will bring about change and the results you expect to see for the community and its people. A logic model keeps participants in the effort moving in the same direction by providing a common language and point of reference. More than an observer's tool, logic models become part of the work itself. They energize and rally support for an initiative by declaring precisely what you're trying to accomplish and how. In this section, the term logic model is used as a generic label for the many ways of displaying how change unfolds. Some other names include: 1. road map, conceptual map, or pathways map 2. mental model 3. blueprint for change 4. framework for action or program framework 5. program theory or program hypothesis 6. theoretical underpin...

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55+ Free Logic Model Templates & Examples » ExcelSHE

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Logic Models Iowa Department of Public Health

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Maternal Health Logic Model Planned Work Intended Results Inputs Local Public Health Empowerment Local medical providers Immunization Providers (i -4) Local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs CCR & R Child care bu sinesses

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5+ Logic Model Templates Word, PDF Free & Premium

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Local Public Health Logic Model Template. This template would be good in case you are planning to present your logic model worksheet in a paragraph form. The colored table on the top adds on an edgy feel to the overall template. Free PSD logic model template helps to let its member march in the same direction by offering a common speech and

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Focus on Logic Model Public Health Ontario

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Focus On: Logic model - A planning and evaluation tool Page 2 of 11 Methods The content of this Focus On was developed based on the logic models webinar presented by Public Health Ontario (PHO). A general search of available resources was …

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Create a Logic Model Evaluation Toolkit Cottage Health

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A logic model provides a visual diagram of your program all on one page. It shows the inputs and activities necessary to achieve the changes you hope to make (outcomes). We’ve provided a basic worksheet you can use as a starting point. Feel free to adapt it to make it work for you and your stakeholders. Why Use a Logic Model?

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Logic Models in Public Health YouTube

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This 10 minute overview introduces logic models, shares steps to create them, includes public health examples and shares additional resources.

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Logic Model Public Health Format Essays

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Logic Model Public Health. Blog. See attachments. Topic- pediatric asthma in African Americans navigation. What are the key differences between managerial and financial accounting? What spurred the development of the public health achievement? Place your order. Type of paper. Academic level. Free title page and bibliography; Unlimited

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Community Health Center logic model Metrics for Healthy

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About this logic model. This example logic model provides a menu of typical inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes for community development and health organizations that work in the Community Health Center field. The activities listed in this example logic model link, whenever possible, to examples of research literature providing evidence

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Logic Model NNLM

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Sample Logic Model Project: Connecting Parents to Quality Online Health Information Related to Children’s Health and Wellness (Partnership of Health Science Library, Public Library, and three nonprofit community-based organization providing support to families ) Goal: Improve parents’ ability to find children’s health information

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Logic Models in Public Health Planning ToP Network

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Logic Models in Public Health Planning. Logic models are visual graphic depictions of a step by step process to achieve a desired goal. Public health planners and community planners use logic models to help communicate their vision for a project, a program or new plan. The logic model identifies resources and the activities that translate into an …

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Logic Model Planning Process National Institute of Food

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A logic model is a conceptual tool for planning and evaluation which displays the sequence of actions that describes what the science-based program is and will do. A logic model: Clarifies the linkages between investments and activities, outputs and expected outcomes of the policy, program or initiative;

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Public Health Agency Accreditation System Logic Model

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Public Health Agency Accreditation System Logic Model . December 2013 . The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) is committed to encouraging research to develop the science base for accreditation and systems change in public health, as well as to evaluating the accreditation program in order to continuously improve it.

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Example Logic Model for Substance Abuse Prevention

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Example Logic Model for Substance Abuse Prevention Planning public service announcements (PSAs); persons reached via media Transforming health: using system thinking to create vibrantly effective prevention systems that can significantly improve health

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Design a logic model to address the above public health

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A logic model is a tool to assist in creating a detailed management plan and framework to address a public health issue. A logic model is the first step in evaluation. It assists researchers to determine the effectiveness of the process and outcome measures defined.There are about 60% of the community restaurants that are not smoke-free.

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LOGIC MODEL Worksheet (Table format)

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Title: LOGIC MODEL Worksheet (Table format) Author: Ellen Taylor-Powell Last modified by: mindy.hart Created Date: 6/26/2009 5:03:00 PM Company: UW-Extension

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Developing and Using Program Logic: A Guide NSW Health

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• Having an agreed program logic model supports a systematic and integrated approach to program planning, implementation and evaluation.2 • A program logic model tells the story of how the program is proposed to work. By clarifying activities and intended outcomes, a program logic model illustrates the change processes underlying a program.3,4

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Logic Models for programme planning and evaluation

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There are many types of logic model which can be used in planning programmes and implementing activities. E xamples of these models are provided in Annex 2. Developing a logic model for your programme . In creating a logic model, you will address the following planning and evaluation issues:

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Using a logic model to design and evaluate quality and

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Logic models are common in public health, although many organizations outside of public health have adapted this approach. Program logic models track program efforts from beginning to end. The LFA includes some best practices for project management such as management by objective, participatory planning, management by exception and backward

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A Logic Model for Evaluating the Academic Health

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In this article, we present a general theory of change, in the form of a logic model, for how AHDs impact public health at the community level. We then present a specific example of how the logic model has been customized for a specific AHD. Finally, we end with potential research questions on the AHD based on these concepts.

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[Withdrawn] Introduction to logic models GOV.UK

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1. A logic model is a graphic which represents the theory of how an intervention produces its outcomes. It represents, in a simplified way, a hypothesis or ‘theory of change’ about how an intervention works. Process evaluations test and refine the hypothesis or ‘theory of change’ of the intervention represented in the logic model. The design of, and terms used in, logic models vary. However, they commonly include aspects which summarise an intervention’s: 1. inputs/resources 2. implementation/outputs 3. outcomes/impact 4. context 5. relationships between them The Medical Research Council (MRC) ‘Process evaluation framework’(Moore and others 2015) outlines the main aspects of an intervention that a logic model should represent to inform evaluation. 1. Implementation refers to how a service or intervention gets delivered and what gets delivered in practice. 2. Mechanisms of impact relate to the mechanisms through which the intervention works and produces changes in the intervention recip...

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Logic Models in Participatory Evaluation

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Describe the core components of a logic model Distinguish between inputs, outputs, short-term and long-term outcomes, and impact and apply them within your own programmatic setting(s) Identify ways in which logic models can inform evaluation design Identify key stakeholders to involve in program evaluation through logic model design

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Program Evaluation: Evaluating a Public Health Program

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This training serves as a comprehensive tutorial on the Evaluation of a Public Health Program. The process of Program Evaluation continues the use of pertussis reduction in Lakeshore County as an example program and utilizes the logic model developed in the "Introduction to Logic Models" training. The primary focus of the course is to explore

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More than 40 Logic Model Templates & Examples ᐅ TemplateLab

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Simply put, a logic model is a visual presentation of how your plans, ideas or efforts are supposed to work or to be executed. It would contain an explanation of why your ideas, strategies, and processes are excellent solutions to issues or concerns at hand. Table of Contents [ Show] 1 Logic Models Examples. 2 Benefits of Using Logic Models.

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Logic models California Mental Health Services Authority

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The logic models identify, at the conceptual level, the key components that should be measured and tracked over time and ask a series of questions counties or program administrators can ask about PEI funding: where is the funding going, what it is being used for, does the funding make a difference, and are there resulting public health benefits?

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A Public Health Preparedness Logic Model: Assessing

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1. Our logic model is grounded in the definition of public health emergency preparedness developed by Nelson and colleagues: This definition's core concept is the “public health emergency preparedness system,” a complex network of individuals and organizations that play critical roles in creating the conditions for health. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) represents this system with the government public health infrastructure at the core and the healthcare delivery system, civil protection agencies, employers and businesses, the media, academia, and other public and private community organizations as important components.13While these actors operate as separate entities, a robust public health emergency preparedness system requires that all components work together when necessary. Our logic model incorporates a fundamental distinction between capacities (eg, infrastructure, trained personnel, policies and procedures) and capabilities, or the ability to usethese capacities to effectively...

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Templates, Examples, Bibliography – Program Development

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Freddolino, P., et al. (1998). It’s a great idea but…: Barriers to the use of program logic models in the real world of program activities. Okemos, MI: Michigan Public Health Institute. _____. (1998). Michigan safe and drug-free schools and communities evaluation training workshop, Phase I workbook. Okemos, MI: Michigan Public Health Institute.

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Logic Models: A Practical Guide learning

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Logic Models– Aide Memoire Introduction This document has been prepared to assist in the compilation of logic models. It is intended to provide some background on the theory of logic models and practical help in preparing logic models. General comments A logic model is a roadmap or simplified picture that displays connections between

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Welcome to Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models

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Page 6 of 10: Creating a Logic Model for a NEW PROGRAM Part A .. 135 Page 7 of 10: Creating a Logic Model for a NEW PROGRAM Part B .. 137 Page 8 of 10: Creating a Logic Model for an EXISTING PROGRAM.. 138 Page 9 of 10: Let's Practice! Draw Your Logic Model

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Logic model Wikipedia

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Logic models are hypothesized descriptions of the chain of causes and effects leading to an outcome of interest (e.g. prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, annual traffic collision, etc). While they can be in a narrative form, logic model usually take form in a graphical depiction of the "if-then" (causal) relationships between the various elements leading to the outcome.

Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins

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Introducing Logic Models T SAGE Publications Inc

1 hours ago Sagepub.com Show details

Introducing Logic Models T his chapter introduces logic models. There are two types: theory of change and program. This chapter describes model benefits and uses and explains the role of modeling in both program and organizational effectiveness. The process of modeling begins with results. Regardless of type, quality models are

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What is a simple logic model?

Simple Logic Model. The Logic Model is a simple and widespread form of illustrating a results model. It depicts how a project is to function in the form of a linear chain of cause and effect.

What is a logic model template?

Logic Model Template. A logic model template is an archive that states through brief explanatory notes the operative procedure for a program. A logic model format basically checks how effective a program or a plan could be.

What is logic model evaluation?

A logic model is a plan or road map for program development and delivery and is foundational for program evaluation as it provides a critical single document to ensure your program stays on course to achieve the identified outcomes.

What is program logic model?

The program logic model is a diagrammatic representation that provides a clear description of a program. The model includes: target group(s): the individuals, groups or communities to receive the program, defined on the basis of age, sex, income, health characteristics, area of residence, ethnicity, etc.

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